Kulturnatten Copenhagen!

Hey! Yesterday we had a chance to enjoy amazing event which was held in the Copenhagen city and called “Kulturnatten 2016”. It’s about art, getting to know a lot of places and enjoying the culture of course! Ticket for this one day event costs around 90dkk, but it’s worth the price for sure. You can take a boat trip, you can use bus or metro and enter all the events that is going on in the city. There was also amazing app created where it’s possible to mark the places where you want to go or just read about the event. Mostly everything starts from 18p.m. but it was possible to find some workshops or galleries that starts working from 16p.m. or even earlier. But let’s say you have 6hours until the midnight (everything shuts down at that time) and you have to be fast!

Personally our night was completely versatile. From construction zone, to the art installation galleries and trans fashion shows. We bought our ticket from 7eleven shop and with the badge on our coats we started exploring the city.

First stop was the Nikolaj Plads in the city center. It’s a beautiful church, but inside it was various workshops and art exhibitions. The most amazing and breathtaking was Trine Boesen: Hole in Space installation. You are entering the room and there is so many random things around you! It feels that you are in cosmos or space.



It was amazing, colorful experience. I love art and all kind of creativity, so this place inspires a lot! Outside all the building was decorated in a different, bright lights everyone passing by I guess saw this building. Also there was a live DJ performance outside attracting a lot of visitors.


Then we went to the 21p.m. night show for Trans-fashion. There was 19, 21 and 23 shows that was sold out! A lot of people was waiting way before the shows starts, so we missed the chance to get in. There was also a long queue near the Copenhagen university and Nytorv. Despite that we found amazing tour in the Rosenborg Castle. We had an opportunity to take a look at the old jewelleries, crowns and guns. I usually don’t really enjoy long tours and hours talking about the treasure of the past, but this castle just took my breath away! I couldn’t believe that a long time ago they managed to make so many beautiful things, because they look more than futuristic! I don’t want to show everything at once, because it’s the place worth to visit.


Also we want to the black diamond or the Royal Danish library. To the construction site, where it was possible to see the progress of the unique building and also just wandering around, enjoying this incredible event.


Share your insights or stories about this cozy evening as well!

See you soon. Your daily nuance..


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