Forecast says: It’s 99% of Wine tonight!

Hello people from all over the world and from Copenhagen! Today I spend my day walking around the city center and capturing various moments. This morning was more than amazing! During this week it was rainy and cold and windy (yeah yeah, I know, it’s Denmark baby), but despite that, little beams of sun decided to make personal appearance in public!! But of course I was able to catch a few sunny moments less for one hour..and that was it.

Nyhavn 17. The most famous and well-know Copenhagen place in this fabulous street.

Also do you know, that just around on the other side of the canal one of the most famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen lived at Nyhavn for some 18 years?! I will make a few photos later on, when we are going to have a chit-chat about the books and authors.

Feel the warm coming from this photo and blue sky..because in the next one, you will see  the casual Copenhagen.


Like this one:


I don’t  say it’s not beautiful or sad (colorful buildings will always make me smile :)). but during two or three hours it has changed completely. So if you are going to visit this city anytime soon, just to be sure have scarf or even pair of gloves and also umbrella is a friend no.1 over here.

Back to the point. Even the weather are changing very fast, you can always be sure about the forecast in the evening. It’s 99% of WINE wine-glass-outline-filled.png


So stay warm and enjoy the rest of your day!

See you soon in daily nuance!


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